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“Arlecchino and the City of Love” & “My Gypsy Robe” by the Middle School Drama Club

MARCH 26 & 27 at 7:30 PM


Arlecchino and the City of Love by Lorraine Thompson & My Gypsy Robe by Tim Kelly.


Nobody will be able to resist the loveable (and cheeky) Arlecchino and his companions as they take us to the city of love itself — Venice — where plots are laid, mayhem ensues and all’s well that ends well! Filled with traditional commedia stock characters and scenarios, this fast paced comedy contains cases of mistaken identity, lost and reunited love, travelers in disguise, silly plots, saucy maids and greedy old men. Fall in love with commedia del arte! Also playing- in the dressing room of a Broadway theatre, young dancers prepare for Opening Night. Broadway tradition dictates that a member from another show present a cast member with the Gypsy Robe, a costume decorated with souvenirs of previous musicals. The robe is traditionally given to a dancer making her show biz debut. Whomever feels the “magic” of the robe, undergoes a remarkable transformation. Get a backstage view of the magic of Broadway and the life of dancers.

Directed by Summer Sinclair.


Premium – $25

Adults – $10

Students – $5

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