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Robert Charlebois dans “Avec tambour ni trompette”

The audience will be treated to some of Robert Charlebois’ new songs as well as old, some unforgettable pieces, and will be witness to some tricks Robert had forgotten he had up his sleeve.

The legendary Robert Charlebois, an author, composer, musician, performer and actor from Quebec, is an important figure in French music. He is known for songs with funny lyrics, often relying upon plays on words. Accompanying Charlebois’ unique voice in this one-of-a-kind event will be three bards – Daniel Lacoste (guitar), Dominique Lanoie (guitar / bass), and Steve Gagné (drums). The audience will be treated to new as well as old Charlebois songs. Unforgettable classics such as “Lindberg,” “Je Reviendrai à Montréal,” “Ordinaire,” “Vivre en ce Pays,” “J’t’aime Comme un Fou,” “Les Talons Hauts,” and more will join other tricks Charlebois has up his sleeve.

A one-of-a-kind event.

Tickets – $50 Premiun / $40 Adults / $30 Students

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