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Résolument Animés (Short Animation Films)

Résolument Animés (Resolutely Animated) showcases a collection of animated shorts that highlight the unbridled creativity of France’s new generation of animation directors. The films include humor, visual poetry, and wonder. Animation techniques/media employed include drawing on paper, drawing on film, pen and ink, crayon, paper cutouts, clay, sand, 3D animation, and puppetry. The films in the program address a wide range of issues such as the environment, society, and human relations. Résolument Animés showcases exemplary works coming out of France, with rich screenplays and well-mastered technique.

Cheese and wine will be served during the intermission between the two parts of the program (roughly 45 minutes each).  

The program is intended for an adult audience, though appropriate for ages 15 and up. 

Tickets $15 adults / $10 students

 Press Release

 This event is made possible with the help of The French Film and TV Department of the French Embassy in Los Angeles.

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