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A week of French Language Cinema

From March 16 to March 21 at 7:30PM


For the sixth year, Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz presents A Week of French Language Cinema in Los Angeles, as part of the 2015 celebration of the Francophonie, with free nightly screenings.This program is presented in collaboration with the Consulates of France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Canada; the Quebec Government Office in Los Angeles; and TV5Monde.

All movies, in French with English subtitles. 

FREE SCREENING: RSVP here at PLEASE INDICATE NAME, NUMBER OF SEATS AND DAY(S). You will receive an email confirmation.

Monday, Friday and Saturday screenings are SOLD OUT. We don’t accept RSVP anymore for these evenings. Thank you.

Belgium: Monday March 16, Opening night  
SOLD OUT: We don't accept any more RSVP for this evening.
Short movie « Bowling killers » by Sébastien Petit Trailer
« Les âmes de papier » by Vincent Lannoo Trailer 
Opening night with reception sponsored by TV5Monde and beer tasting offered by the Belgium Consulate at 7pm.

Screening starts at 7:30pm

Ivory Coast: Tuesday March 17 
Animation movie «  Aya de Yopougon » by Marguerite Abouet. Trailer
  • Screening starts at 7:30pm
  • Canada: Wednesday March 18
  • Movie "Félix et Meira" by Maxime Giroux Trailer
  • Screening starts at 7:30pm
Switzerland: Thursday March 19
Short movie « Le Doigt d’honneur » in presence of the director, Malika Pellicioli
« Left Foot Right Foot » by Germinal Roaux (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 18Trailer 

Screening starts at 7:30pm

Quebec: Friday March 20
  • SOLD OUT: We don't accept any more RSVP for this evening.
  • «Les maîtres du suspense” by Stéphane Lapointe Trailer
  • Free beer tasting sponsored by Unibroue.
  • Screening starts at 7:30pm
France: Saturday March 21, Closing night
SOLD OUT. We don't accept any more RSVP for this evening.
Short animated movie «Sweet Cocoon » by Matéo Bernard, Matthias Bruget, Jonathan Duret, Manon Marco and Quentin Puiraveau. Trailer
«Respire » by Mélanie Laurent. Trailer
Closing reception sponsored by TV5Monde with wine tasting offered by the French Consulate at 7pm.
Screening starts at 7:30pm




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