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Ana Moura – Fado concerts

Ana Moura, the internationally recognized Portuguese fado singer, and the youngest fadista to be nominated for a Dutch Edison Award in Los Angeles.

2 concerts November 14 at 6:00pm & 9:00pm

There is no other voice in Fado quite like that of Ana Moura. She strolls freely through tradition but flirts elegantly with pop music, broadening the spectrum of Fado, so typical of Lisbon, in a very personal way. But what sets her apart is not only the low-pitched and sensual tone, so unique – Ana Moura instantaneously transforms any melody to which she lends her voice, into Fado. It’s an immediate spark, an emotional explosion aimed ruthlessly at the listener’s heart

Her stage presence embodies the spirit of the iconic fadista, and has captured the attention of Caetano Veloso, The Rolling Stones and Prince giving rise to inspired crossover collaborations with musical giants in rock, pop, and jazz.

“Desfado”, the latest Ana Moura’s release, was honored with the Amalia Rodrigues Award for “Best Album”. This prize was given to the double CD version of the album, entitled “Desfado / Caixa Alfama “, which hit stores in December 2013, one year after the release of the standard version. Joining Desfado’s most popular songs, like the homonymous theme by Pedro da Silva Martins, this release also includes singles from previous albums like ‘Leva-me aos Fados’, ‘Caso Arrumado’ and the inevitable ‘Os Búzios’.

Don’t miss her fabulous concert. Only in Los Angeles November 14 for 2 amazing concerts at 6:00 and 9:00 pm. She will be performing with Angelo Freire, Pedro Soares Andre Moreira, Joao Gomes and Mario Costa.

TRK Press Release

Press Release “When Fado Goes Pop”    

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