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“Gossip” & “Shakespeare’s Inferno” by the Middle School Drama Club

APRIL 8 & 9 at 7:30 PM


Le Lycee Francais de Los Angeles presents 2 One Acts performed by Middle School Drama Club students, Gossip by Brian Hampton & Shakespeare’s Inferno by Jessica Johnston and Kirby Ann Witte.

Description Gossip

Award-winning playwright Brian Hampton, packs a powerful punch as it brings Gossip to life and gives its infectious spread a visible presence onstage.  A group of high school theatre students befriends a charming yet sinister new student named Gossip.  She immediately makes herself right at home as she secretly manipulates and twists the truth to get what she wants. But nothing will prepare you for this surprisingly twisted ending.

Description Shakespeare’s Inferno 

An extremely clever parody of Dante’s Inferno by Jessica Johnston and Kirby Ann Witte. Romeo and Juliet must venture through the circles of Hell with the wise-cracking disembodied head of Macbeth, a bitter Lady Macbeth and scheming Iago.  Good thing they get help from their guide, Captain Fluellen, the leek-wielding Welshman from Henry V.  Hell has never been so lively (or hilarious) as their tour brings encounters with Othello, Hamlet, the Witches, the Drunk Porter, Puck, and other famous heroes and villains, before Shakespeare himself appears at the pearly gates to pass judgment on his own characters to determine their fates!

Directed by Summer Sinclair and David Ray


Premium – $25

Adults – $10

Students – $5

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