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Guignol de Lyon “Le Pot de Confiture”

Tuesday May 5 at 7:30pm


The “Pot de confiture” is the most performed play of Laurent Mourguet, Guignol’s creator. Collectif Zonzons refreshes this classic and modernizes the old art of handpuppet.

Guignol is a greedy servant, eating of all his master’s jam supply whenever he can. Mr. Cassandre, Octave’s father, is about to fire him. Sadly for Octave, his beautiful neighbor and fiancé, Mrs. Emily, recommended Guignol. And if she learns that her favorite servant is about to get fired, she will cancel the wedding, even though Octave is madly in love with her!

How is Octave going to please everybody while dealing with Guignol’s cheekiness?

Puppet show in French with English subtitles

For all ages, children (3 and up) and adults alike !

$15 adult / $10 student

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