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Les Yeux Noirs – Concert

March 7 at 7:30pm

This Paris-based sextet offers an irresistible invitation to participate in some of the most rhythmic and emotional sounds emanating from any part of the world. Part gypsy, part klezmer, this is the music that has moved people to sing and dance around the world for centuries. With each frenetic stroke of their bows, they take the listener further into a dizzying vortex of Central European sounds and images. They sing songs in French, Russian, Rumanian and Yiddish.

For the band, the trip began in 1992. Olivier and Eric Slabiak, the two founders, were conservatory-trained violonists who changed their tune after hearing klezmer and gypsy music. They named their band Les Yeux Noirs (The Black Eyes) after a gypsy song played by jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt.

When listening to “Les Yeux Noirs” the word that comes to mind is “virtuoso.” The two violinists of the group play in a way that provokes awe, no doubt they could take on the Devil. They can play faster than fast yet have the facility to be wildly playful or deeply serious. Slabiak brothers are the Hendrix of the violin – they don’t take themselves too seriously but manage to infuse each song with emotion. It is hard to sit still when listening to the infectious beats they create.

“It’s music for traveler,” violonist Eric Slabiak said of the group’s music, “so we wish you a good trip”!


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