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Lux Aeterna – Contemporary dance

October 30 at 7:30pm

Jacob “Kujo” Lyons, the founder of the company, artistic Director and choreographer, has been a preeminent figure in the global  b-boy/breakdance scene for over 20 years: performing, competing, judging competitions, and teaching in over 30 countries on 6 continents.

The company Lux Aeterna has developed an eclectic and powerful movement vocabulary through fusion of various art forms, such as breaking, contemporary dance, and circus. Their mission is to cultivate beauty from sources that might not otherwise be considered beautiful, in and of themselves, transforming urban techniques into something transcendant and radiant.

Discover a beautiful duet “Catch me if you can’t” followed by the poetic quintet  “Eponym”.

TRK Lux Aeterna Press Release

Package banniere V2 Package can be purchased HERE.







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