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Pierre Richard


January 14, 2016


Discover the American premiere of Pierre Richard III in Los Angeles, a one-man show starring French popular actor Pierre Richard. Certainly one of France’s supreme farceurs in the classic tradition, comedian Pierre Richard shares his artistic life and personal regrets from his stories and movies.

Pierre Richard III recounts some of his adventures with actors and directors Gérard Depardieu, Mireille Darc, Francis Veber, Yves Robert, Gérard Oury, in La Chèvre (the Goat), Le Grand Blond (The Tall Blond), Les Fugitifs (The Fugitive), Le distrait (The Distracted)… On stage, a large screen is erected and several film sequences are projected. At eighty-one years he comes and goes between the images of the past, populated with crossroad friends, and his memories of today. Richard narrates funny and touching true stories that surround certain sequences. Humor, optimism, authenticity, make this evening a very intimate and special moment with the actor!

The performance will be in French.

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