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Marcio Faraco

Friday November 13 at 7:30 PM


With the incorporation of both Brazilian and French cultures, Márcio Faraco was quickly embraced within the musical world. From an early age he discovered a passion for music, and thus began composing in his own personal style. Sometimes referred to as the “Leonard Cohen of Brazil,” Faraco’s compositions employ a variety of rhythmic styles rooted in the unlimited breadth of Brazil’s musical culture. Spreading his talent through towns in Brazil, he eventually settled in France, starting a career as a Francophone Brasileiro. In 2000, his devotion payed off by releasing his first album, Ciranda, and since then, Márcio Faraco has released seven more albums, touring all around the world. He has collaborated with great artists, such as Chico Buarque (being Brazil’s artist of the century), and has performed on the greatest stages in the world.

“When I write I try to surprise myself. Sometimes I’m wrong. That can be a surprise. If it’s not good for me, it’s not good for anybody.”

Márcio Faraco has gained a lot of attention due to his powerful original voice and his moving poetic melodies, where his style ranges from a little jazz to samba and bossa nova. Thus, he earned a highly regarded place by his elegant and exquisite approach in the music world.

On stage with Lionel Suarez (accordion), Gerson Saeki (bass), and Julio Gonçalves (percussion).

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