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Tears Of Joy Theater: “When animals were people”

Wednesday, November 18 at 7:30pm

Paired with The Lazy Bee

Tears of Joy Theater is coming back with new stories. This year folktales from Mexico and Argentina are brought to life in this dynamic bilingual play (Spanish and English).

When Animals Were People is a story from the Huichol Indians of Mexico. As the play begins, Grandfather Vulture, Turtle and Squirrel are making a delicious stew when a stranger asks to join them.  The stranger is Wolf who wants to have Turtle and Squirrel for dinner rather than the stew they are making.  But when Turtle is gone there is no water for Wolf to drink and he finds that to get water he must bring Turtle back to life.

The Lazy Bee is a story by I-Iqracio Quiroga from Argentina.  Haragana, the lazy young bee, cannot be bothered with doing her share of work.  When the elder bees refuse to let her into the hive she spends the night with a hungry snake and learns her lesson.

Suitable for children of 3 and up.

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