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“Grim & Fischer”

Thursday October 29 at 7:30 PM

What can be more fun than watching a living cartoon? WONDERHEADS brings “Grim and Fischer” in a most unique and enjoyable way! Performed wordless and in full-face mask, taking the audience to a wonderful world of imagination.

In this award winning full face mask comedy, an aging grandmother is pitted against none other than the Grim Reaper and confronts the inevitable question: what is it to know your end is nigh? A tender telling of an epic journey; one woman’s fight for survival takes fantastical flight in a showdown with Grim himself.

“Grim and Fischer is utter magic”

“Anyone who has lost someone they loved should expect to be deeply moved by this imaginative encounter with the Grim Reaper …You will laugh, you will cry, you will stand in awe that two mimes in masks can evoke such powerful feelings.”
– Edmonton Sun

Appropriate for ages 10+

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