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Yves Lambert Trio

with Olivier Rondeau and Tommy Gauthier

Friday, March 17 at 7:30 pm


Celebrate St Patrick’s day with free beer tasting!


Over time, Yves Lambert has become a veritable patriarch of the revival of Quebec’s musical roots. His very personal manner of linking the relevance of his words with anecdotes and his concerns contribute to his great propensity for interpretation.

With three nationally acclaimed albums behind them, the Yves Lambert Trio offers a personal and creative interpretation of traditional Quebecois repertoire, with bubbling prowess and ingenuity, that on stage is a personal, touching and memorable musical experience. The Yves Lambert Trio brilliantly demonstrates how traditional local music continually reinvents itself within a modern context.

Quebec’s distinct musical style developed over four centuries around the kitchen hearths and in the dance halls of the province. Descendants of the early French immigrants passed down French songs and stories, slowly incorporating influences from their Irish and Scots neighbors to create a uniquely Quebecois musical culture. The Yves Lambert Trio with Olivier Rondeau and Tommy Gauthier shows with verve how traditional local music continually reinvents itself in the modern context. “We play as a trio, but sound like a big orchestra,” says Yves Lambert (vocals, accordions, harmonica, jaw harp, and percussion). The three multi-instrumentalists multiply the decibels as though there were many more than three members.


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