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Patrick Timsit – On ne peut pas rire de tout

On Friday, February 10 and Saturday, February 11, 2017 at 7:30pm

French humorist and actor Patrick Timsit is back at TRK for the Los Angeles premiere of his new one-man show; On ne peut pas rire de tout (We can’t laugh at everything)!

Can one really laugh at everything? The actor and comedian Patrick Timsit, has decided to use humor and intelligence to answer the question himself and to take it to the stage for a thoroughly brilliant and witty show.

Patrick Timsit likes to play with fire and make people laugh, even when it’s not politically correct. Thanks to a huge dose of self-deprecation and a vivid sense of humor, it works. He likes playing the “bad guy” (the racist, the anti-Semitic, the macho, even the Nazi) and has a go at everyone. For him, “we can’t laugh at everything, what matters is how you laugh at it”.

Co-written with his accomplices always: Jean-François Halin and Bruno Gacci and directed by Ahmed Hamidi, nothing will escape his scathing irony.

The performance will be in French.

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