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Trio Voronezh

Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 7:30pm


Internationally acclaimed Russian music ensemble Trio Voronezh will perform inventively exciting sounds using Russian folk instruments. The trio’s diverse repertoire ranges from classical masterworks from composers including Vivaldi and Bach, to Russian folk songs, Argentine tangos, gypsy dance music, bluegrass and Gershwin favorites.

The three musicians of Trio Voronezh, Vladimir Volochin, Valerie Petruchin and Sergei Teleshev, are playing ethnic Russian folk instruments including the domra, a three-stringed long-necked mandolin, the triangular-shaped double-bass balalaika, the national instrument of Russia and the bajan, a button accordion.

The Los Angeles Times hailed the trio as “filling every crevice with their rich, imaginatively conceived music.”

 Press Release


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