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Kybele Dance Theater

Thursday, October 5, 2017 at 8pm


Theatre Raymond Kabbaz is happy to welcome on stage the LA-based dance company Kybele Dance Theater (KDT). KDT’s designs awaken the audience with accenting forgotten moments of life through fusing contemporary dance with Turkish imagery through a diverse repertory created to inspire, think, and educate.

Pushing the physical body to its limits for electrifying moments on stage amidst fearless risk which designs moments of beauty and surprise as well as the unusual and bizarre is the essence of choreographer Seda Aybay’s work.  Her approach to movement evolved to include quick weight shift, use of momentum and gravity with refined abstract versions of daily gestures. She believes in the clean lines of classicism swiftly blending into the earthiness of modern dance and the gutsiness of contemporary.


SONSUZ is inspired by Mary Olivier's poem "When Death Comes" about how to cherish every moment 
in  life, living it to its fullest with no regrets. The work considers the possibility of life after death and 
enduring eternal love. It portrays the different relationships and its memories that envelop our minds.

NOIR is inspired by the dark themes of 1940's cinema and its anti-heroine, the femme fatal, who uses 
her femininity to lure men down a destructive and dangerous path.

KINA is about fundamentalist Islamic pressure over women amidst a time when instability runs 
rampant and a democratic Turkey is in jeopardy. Whether you live in an oppressive society or are 
trapped in your own mind, we all strive to break the chains that bind us.

Seda Aybay: Artistic Director / Choreographer

Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey Seda is the Artistic Director/Choreographer of Kybele Dance Theater, which she founded in 2003 in Los Angeles after she completed her dance education and performed with many local choreographers and companies. Seda’s choreography is influenced by her backgrounds in French ballet technique and The Royal Academy of Dance, London ballet technique as well as her contemporary modern dance education from UCLA’s WAC Department and the Ailey Program. Since 2003, Seda has created for KDT over 20 original full evening works and her most recent works have received 2nd Place in the 2016 McCallum Choreography Festival, 1st Place from 2016 Front and Main Festival, awards from MAD BAD, Dance Under the Stars, and RAW 2011. Currently, Seda is an adjunct professor at Santa Monica College, Yuri Grigoriev School of Ballet’s youth program and Danceline/YNS’s open adult classes. Seda prepares students for prestigious scholarship competitions such as Prix de Lausanne, Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP) and Elite with teaching technique and her original choreography where her students have successfully placed and she has received 2017 Outstanding Choreographer from Las Vegas YAGP, 2016 Outstanding Choreographer from Los Angeles YAGP and the 2015 Elite Original Choreography Awards.

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