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“A Twist of The Tongue” by the Elementary School Drama Club

April 11 & 12, 2018 at 7:30 PM



Mr. Roses may have what it takes to sing an ode to Shakespeare, but how is he going to stand up to his 30-year rival, Sally Seashell?  Sally blames Roses for losing an important tongue twister tournament back in high school.  Now, he is a teacher at his alma mater, Bitter Batter School, and Sally is the newly appointed principal!  She has only one thing on her mind — winning the tongue twister tournament and regaining the trophy.  The students are up for it, but is Mr. Roses?  Will he crumble under the pressure again? While Moses Roses and Sally Seashell struggle, rival Hazel Hazelnutt of Nettie’s Knitting Night School steps in.  Winning this year’s tournament will not only bring her sustained glory but will also give her the chance to take over Bitter Batter.

You will love the wild characters, including janitor Mr. Hygiene, game show host Wink Hughbett and a wild array of students competing for tongue twister triumph and a trip to the Bahamas.

The play is performed in English.

A book by Cynthia Davies and Steven Fendrich.       Music and Lyrics by Stephen Murray.        Directed by David Ray.

Tickets available on February 1st at 10:00AM

Tickets: Premium – $25          Adults – $10            Students – $5

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