Cas public & Kopergietery


October 26, 2018 at 7:30pm

Known for its eloquent dance, Cas Public now houses an atypical performer, Cai Glover, who overcame a hearing impairment to become a professional dancer. Choreographer Hélène Blackburn has taken the unusual step of using his disability as a point of departure for her new creation. Perceiving, experiencing, understanding. Our senses allow us to apprehend the world around us. This sine qua non condition is like a window onto what lies outside of us; without it things elude us in part. How is it possible to capture the monumental grandeur of the 9th symphony – one of the masterworks in the classical repertoire – if, like Beethoven, our hearing is impaired? 9 incarnates this challenge through a bold journey of sensation. In coproduction with Kopergietery, the work is sure to appeal to all generations by pushing back the limits of silence to rise above difference and transform the body into language.

Founded in 1989 by choreographer Hélène Blackburn, Cas Public favors a research process in choreographic creation founded on the renewal of contemporary approaches to dance. In 2001, the company carved out a niche in the young audience market with the goal of introducing the public to contemporary dance and contributing to its development. Cas Public defines itself as a contemporary dance company dedicated to producing works for general audiences. Recognized for its high-energy, high-performance dance, Cas Public has staked its reputation on the exceptional quality of its works coupled with its presence on national and international stages.



Production : Cas Public & Kopergietery

Choreographer : Hélène Blackburn

Playwright : Johan De Smet

Music : Martin Tétreault

Films : Kenneth Michiels

Light design : Emilie B-Beaulieu and Hélène Blackburn

Costumes : Michael Slack and Hélène Blackburn

Photos : Damian Siqueiros