Charlotte de turckheim-Une journée chez ma mère


July 22 at 7:30PM

Alone on stage, De Turckheim embodies a stream of colorful characters and ranges from heartbreaking to hilarious!

The show, co-written by Bruno Gaccio and Charlotte de Turckheim in the late 1980s, was extremely successful in France and was adapted for the cinema in 1992. The exuberant French comedian is back on stage for a revival of her famous show, directed by Patrice Thibaud.

Synopsis: Twenty years ago, Charlotte spent a day at her mother’s mansion in a fancy Paris neighborhood. A common day at the de Turckheim’s: catastrophic, burlesque, delirious and improbable.Twenty years later, she is back. What a mistake! Nothing has changed and yet, nothing is the same. The mansion is unchanged, still full of its exuberant, surprising, exasperating but also touching charactersThe roof is still threatening to collapse, the fridge has not been fixed and the bailiffs keep knocking at the door! Charlotte was expecting a nice quiet day. Missed!

Performed in French without English subtitles.