October 5, 2018 at 7:30pm

Contemporary Creole blues with an African flair.

Delgres, a name rooted in history: In 1802, only 8 years after it was established by the French Revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte restored slavery in the French colonies. In Guadeloupe the mixed blood commander, Louis Delgrès, gave his life in vain to prevent the return of the abomination. Afterwards fierce repression fell upon Guadeloupe, and thousands were forced into exile or fled, some to Louisina, the birthplace of the Blues. Still to this day the air vibrates from the remaining fragrance of a secret blues that is echoed in the music.

From Guadeloupe to Paris to America

The Powerful trio and missing link between French, Caribbean and US cultures, otherwise known as the band Delgres, was formed by Pascal DanaIe, Baptiste Brondy and Rafgee in 2015. The same year Delgres was awarded Best World Music Album at the Victoires de la musique (French "Grammy" awards).

Born in the Parisian suburb to Caribbean parents, Delgres frontman Pascal Danaë picked up his first guitar at age 15 beginning the journey of a globe-trotting musician who would one day share the stage with Harry Belafonte, Neneh Cherry, Peter Gabriel, Gilberto Gil,Youssou N' Dour, Ayo.  Danaë has also recorded, co-written or sung duets with the likes of Morcheeba, Richard Bona, Souad Massi, Yael Naïm, Asa and Mayra Andrade (He wrote her single “We used to call it love.”)

Delgres’ sound is soaked in blues. though urban and open to the world, and sounds somewhere between Ali Farka Toure,Tinariwen and the Black keys.