2019 Lycee Students Performances


March 28th & 29th: High School Drama Club (in English)

Door to Door by Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus - Directed by David Ray

Two doors onstage represent various types of doors in life:  bedroom doors, closet doors, apartment doors, dorm room doors...  even the metaphorical doors we face every time we make a decision.  Several scenes and monologues take us through these doors, offering a breadth of tones that reflect upon life, choices, moments, and self-discovery.  This collection of dramatic and comedic episodes offers our high school actors an opportunity to showcase their talents.  In the variety of thematic scenes, we meet a woman searching for Mr. Right, a young woman who passes up every opportunity while relying on luck, a son struggling to tell his father the truth, a monster coming to terms with his human growing up, a man on a date facing a million decisions, and more.  These scenes are punctuated with a series of monologues that collectively tell Trish’s story, starting from when she’s a young girl to when she becomes a woman.  From laughter to tears, from funny to touching to heartbreaking, this unique play is ideal for any audience.

April 3rd & 4th: Elementary School Drama Club (in English)

The Rockin’ Tale of Snow White - Directed by David Ray

Book by Barbara Lennon - Music by Bill Francoeur - Lyrics by Bill Francoeur and Barbara Lennon

The tale of Snow White has never felt so fresh with this funny adaptation that will make even the most jaded among us laugh out loud!  New characters and comedic twists come to life as a modern mom reads the Brothers Grimm tale to her restless children.  In addition to the well-known cast of the kind princess, evil queen, multiple dwarves and the morally conflicted Huntsman, this musical introduces us to some fresh new faces such as rhyme-happy ladies-in-waiting and a stick-in-the-mud governmental representative out to ruin everyone’s good time!   Musical styles of all genres fuse to create a rousing mixture of hip-hop, rock and roll, doo wop and more!  

May 2nd-3rd: High School Drama Club (in French)

E-Génér@tion de Jean-Christophe Dollé - Dirigé par Pierre Leloup

Les enfants de la E-Génération sont nés dans les années 90, avec internet. Plus rapides, plus pragmatiques, les nouvelles technologies leur ont ouvert d'infinies possibilités de rencontres et de savoir. Mais qu'est devenue la relation humaine ? Qu'est devenue leur mémoire ? Sont-ils définitivement dépendants de leur ordinateur ? En 28 tableaux à l'absurde, déglingués, E-Génération parle de ce monde qui vient à nous, en teste les limites, et en fait finalement émerger le burlesque.

May 8th-9th: Middle School Drama Club (in English)

Babka Without Borders by Todd Wallinger - Directed by David Ray

What’s babka?  Only the tastiest, most delectable pastry in the world...  and a key ingredient in this hysterical, fast-paced farce that’s loaded with physical humor and a bit reminiscent of The Grand Budapest Hotel.  Oh, did we mention that the babka becomes an aerial assault weapon that sparks an international war?  You see, The Harmony Café could be any quaint eastern European bistro if it weren’t for one thing:  an international border runs smack dab through the middle of it!  One half of the café is in the Grand Duchy of Bunkelburg; the other half is located in the Royal Principality of Primwick.  Luckily, the café serves the world’s best babka, and the bistro's owners and their staff somehow manage all the multiple border crossings and red-tape to serve their delicious, sweet coffee cakes and keep the peace.  But because the Duchess of Bunkelburg secretly entered and won Primwick’s annual babka baking contest, the Prince of Primwick closes the border, making restaurant operations near impossible.  But once that slice of babka goes flying across the border and hits a Primwickian patriotic zealot...  well, now it’s all-out war!  It’s hard to see how even The Harmony Café can maintain the peace, let alone stay in business!  But, there are no boundaries for good taste!