VINCENT, the real story of VAN GOGH


Feb 7th- Vincent, The Real Story of Van Gogh at 7:30pm

Written by Leonard Nimoy, directed by Paul Stein, and inspired by the one-man piece Phillip Stevens’ Van Gogh , the play paints a thoughtful imaginary scenario about one of the most famous names in the art world, using excerpts and reminiscences from more than 500 letters exchanged between Vincent Van Gogh and his brother Theo. Theo supported Vincent financially and emotionally, and without Theo, Vincent wouldn’t have been able to develop into an artist.
It is the story of Vincent’s life, as told by his brother Theo.
Throughout the play, more than a hundred of Van Gogh’s paintings are projected on a screen, providing a rich overview of the artist’s work and a visual complement to the unfolding story. As we experience this story, we re-discover the incredible works Vincent Van Gogh brought into the world, images that continue to pervade our culture.
Van Gogh’s critics labeled his work “madness”. But his story is so much more than that of the misunderstood artist who cut off his own ear.


In partnership with l’Alliance Française de Los Angeles